Maria Shomo, 9


Lindsay Ruskin

NON-STOP. This image shows Shomo running in one of her many sports that she participates in, and this picture shows the work that she puts in to achieve her goal. 

   Sycamore High School (SHS) offers over 100 activities including sports and clubs. Almost all students attending SHS are involved in at least one extra-curricular activity. Some participate in a number that is difficult to handle.

   One, in particular, is Maria Shomo, who runs Cross Country, Winter Track, Spring Track, and is involved in other activities as well. Along with this, Shomo is in Sycamore Theatre and Operation Give Back (OGB) Club. Cross Country took up a large portion of her summer due to the training and conditioning for the upcoming season. During the fall season, every day after school Shomo ran multiple miles preparing for meets.

  Since Cross Country has ended, Shomo is starting up her Winter Track season which allows her to stay in shape throughout the seasons and keep her running. Just like Cross Country, Shomo has practice every day after school. Spring Track follows the same schedule of practice almost every day after school as well.

  Shomo is involved in OGB club and FFTC as well, which is more that is added to her large stack of activities that she does.    

   In the spring, Maria will be preparing for the school musical, and she will have to balance athletics and theatre. This is difficult because neither of the people in charge will want her to leave, but in order to participate both, she will have to manage her time. 

   “I feel like having sports and clubs helps me a lot with time management and homework…sports really helped me get my work done because I only had a certain amount of time to do it so and I usually procrastinate more, #GOAVES,” said Maria Shomo, 9.

  Although balancing many activities along with school is not too difficult for Shomo, many other students struggle with managing their time, especially in high school because they push themselves to do everything they are capable of.