Band brings ends and beginnings



THAT’S A WRAP. Marching band finishes their season strong after competing in their final performance at Mason. Members spend a lot of time together, so oftentimes it is hard for seniors to move on past the 900 hours put towards band. However, they often always do and learn to replace all of that time with other things that brings them joy.

900 hours is about how much time each senior has given to the marching band after four years. 900 hours of happiness. 900 hours of tough work. 900 hours of dedication. 

   That may seem reasonable because four years is a long time, but in fact, the marching band practices and meets much longer than any other sport, club or activity at SHS. 

  Often during the season, members do not have much free time, because so much is spent preparing for competitions and helping the ensemble grow together. And to some, this might seem awful, but to those who have been a part of the marching band, there is nothing better. 

  Senior Daniel Halstead who has been in the marching band for four years said, “I will miss the people the most, they were always fun to be around.” 

  And although there is a lot to miss from the season, it is true that the people are oftentimes what is missed the most. Each member spends so much time with their section that it is absolutely impossible not to grow close bonds with them. 

  “Getting to come to rehearsal every week, and getting to see my friends has been my favorite part of all this time. It is nice to have somewhere to be where I do not have to think of the stressful parts of life,” said Abby Motley, 12.

  To replace the hole in their hearts from band, oftentimes members will participate in winter guard and winter drumline. Although neither of these activities meets as much, they still take up quite a bit of time. Time that fills the missing love from being together. Time that fills the missing enjoyment from competitions, and the smell of popcorn running through the air. Time that fills the missing hard work, where you push your body even though you want to stop.

   Members may not be able to replace those 900 hours spent together, but there are other things that can help heal the heart. In the end, you can never take away all of those hours. They will always share those 900 hours.