Disney Plus review


DISNEY. Many of these characters pictured above are featured on Disney Plus. They appear in TV shows and movies that were aired a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean they are not popular anymore!

   Wizards of Waverly Place, Good Luck Charlie, Camp Rock and all of our childhood shows, just one click away. Many of these films are now all on the app, Disney Plus.

   Disney Plus is a new app that has all your favorite Disney movies and TV shows.  The app was released on November 12, 2019, and it immediately became a huge hit. 

   Verizon has a deal with its customers that if they have an unlimited data plan, then they would have free Disney Plus for a year.  This helps promote the app, along with more people signing up for Verizon. One year is just enough time to watch all the Disney favorites! 

   In addition to the old films, Disney Plus has produced their own originals, which is a show that only the app shows, and no other app or channel, similar to a Netflix original.

   This app is becoming such a big deal because it brings back memories from the past.  As our decade is ending soon, we look back at our favorite childhood TV shows and movies. It is fun to watch them again years of not watching these older Disney films.

   “Now that I am almost a real adult, I love that I can re-watch my childhood TV shows from the beginning of the decade.  So much has changed since then,” said Ben Ruskin.

   It is always interesting to see if you still even like the shows you used to watch because in some cases, you might look back and ask yourself, Why did I ever watch this?

   Although it has only been out for a month, Disney Plus has already made such an impact in our lives bringing back memories some of us probably didn’t even know existed. We forget so much from the past and it is nice to have it brought back to us.  

  Now since you are finished reading about Disney Plus, I have some suggestions or you: get Disney Plus, microwave some popcorn, and just relax watching you favorite Disney film on your new favorite app!