Halfway there


Lindsay Ruskin

JOY. This image captures freshman camp counselors jumping for joy as the halfway mark of the school year passes. Only one more half left!

   High school has not been what I expected.  People told me that friends change and classes get harder, but I didn’t really believe them.  I thought, “Maybe for them, but nothing will change for me.” Well, I was wrong.

   Things have changed, and some of my friends have moved groups, but I still have my closest friends.  My classes have also gotten more difficult, and I receive much more work than I would like to.

   About two weeks ago, many of us were relaxing on vacation or at home, not worrying about school or anything for that matter.  We were all on winter break. This two week period marks the halfway point for our district meaning we have completed one half of our school year.

   “This school year has gone by fast yet slow at the same time, but I’m ready for it to be over and for summer to begin,” said Lily Danner.

   Now Danner or any high school student may think, “I have to do all of that again?!,” but instead,  think of this as you finishing half of the school year already. 

   In a couple of months, the seniors are going to be leaving and some of them will be wishing they could have one more half of a school year, while the other grades are wishing they could be a senior leaving.

   High school has affected us more than we know.  It has made us smarter, and it has also brought us to our best friends. 

   Although we are only halfway there, we still have all of that again: a routine, starting the morning’s meeting up with our friends, walking the hallways, and more everyday school things.

   Let’s do all of that one more time and I will see you all on summer break in no time.