Paint Your Heart Out. Or Your Water Bottle.


PAINTINGS. This water bottle was painted by Lakota East sophomore Zane Charif, a painting hobbyist who asserts that painting brings her joy and lets her express her creativity in her everyday life. She says that she discovered a new world in social media art that inspires her to paint things she never thought she could before.



   Once seen as a difficult branch of art for the truly masterful and creative, this art has now reached a new Renaissance peak. With viral videos on TikTok, time-lapse posts on Instagram, and countless videos and tutorials, painting is being seen as a more casual and accessible hobby for any enthusiast.


   Take, for example, the new trend of painting things around you. Specifically Hydro Flasks, phone and AirPods cases, and shoes. Painting small scenes, color patterns, or characters on your accessories is now seen as a new way to stand out from the crowd. 


   Personally, as an artist and enthusiast myself, I find these videos incredibly fun and inspiring. In under 60 seconds, someone can create a unique addition to their everyday objects, making the mundane enjoyable. 


   Lakota East sophomore Zane Charif, a talented artist who takes the initiative to paint her own possessions, explains, “I like to personalize my things in any way because everything’s too boring any other way.”


  Whether a joke cartoon or a detailed landscape, the painting’s creativity and individuality stands out for the creator. Painting has always been a subjective art and giving an avenue to show emotions is always the best part of the art. 


  Varying levels of experience can be used in the paintings, whether an amateur or a veteran painter, the art is adaptable to anyone’s style. 


   Inspiring people who do not usually paint is also a great part of this. I myself tend to prefer sketching and drawing, but was inspired to try painting more often through these videos. I decided to paint many things at my home, painting a wall with a forest of birch trees and animals.  


    It was a fun and introspective experience, allowing myself to figure out what I enjoyed painting and the themes and personality I was reflecting onto a simple painting. 


    Trying new things and generally having fun has always been a major goal of art classes, and through these new trends, people are finding new hobbies and ways to spend their time. 


   The paintings are also for practical reasons too. Hydro flasks and AirPods are only growing in popularity, and it’s difficult to make sure you’re grabbing your own drink when there are another 11 blue bottles in the room. 


   Painting gives you a cheap and easy way to decorate and individualize to your heart’s content. So get out there, get some brushes, and get ready to paint.