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Serene Tarabishi: Copy Editor & Design Editor

Serene Tarabishi, Copy Editor & Design Editor

Hello all, this is Serene Tarabishi, a constantly-in-need-of-caffeine junior and returning writer for the Leaf. This is officially my second year here at the Leaf and I am currently in the position of Copy Editor and Design Editor. As a cynical political enthusiast I have always had a passion for writing about and debating various political issues.  Last year, I joined the Leaf to do just that. Feel free to check out my writing to find out what sort of political debate I have found myself consumed with for the moment. I have spent my time here writing about varying international and domestic crises along with a healthy dose of art and baking subjects to lighten an unfortunately serious mood. With politics being a major passion of mine, I can confidently say that I am aiming toward a career involved in government and international affairs, hopefully in the realm of diplomacy or foreign policy. While I do spend a great deal of my time deliberating over serious moral and institutional flaws and controversies within our and other governments, I also like to supplement this oftentimes depressing diet with comedy and satire, typically in the form of  political late night to lighten my mood. You can often find me laughing at John Oliver’s new shenanigans while learning about some new obscure national crisis on a weekly basis. When I’m not watching or writing about political satire you can often find me binging some new historical fiction drama series, listening to some gruesome psychological horror podcasts while taking pleasant evening walks, or throwing myself into some new artistic project varying from many a crocheted tea thermos cover to spontaneously deciding to paint a birch tree mural on my bedroom wall. All that said, I’d say that my hobbies can be a bit eclectic at times, but truly are the reason I like to describe myself as a ‘jack of all trades but master of some’. All in all, I’d consider myself a pretty chill human being who’s curious about anything and everything pertaining to the world around me and our history, and more than willing to learn more. Hopefully this will be another intriguing (and hopefully not disastrous) year of watching,  discussing the world and its many issues around me,  and finding new ways to do my part to hopefully change it for the better.


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Serene Tarabishi