No motivation for virtual school: now what?


STAY FOCUSED. Is sitting in your house all day making you tired, yet you still have to go to class soon? The truth is, motivation can be hard when we aren’t able to interact with our friends and move around from class to class each day. The build up on work may be hard, but we have got to push through the week.

     I have no motivation this morning and I really just don’t want to join any calls today. This might be the mindset of lots of students while doing virtual schools. Never leaving their rooms and never walking around causes students to be more tired than when they are at face to face school.

     So, what happens if a student does not show up to class? Will they be disciplined and how so?  If virtual school lasts longer than a week and students stop joining their class calls, how will their grades be affected?

     Although some students believe that missing class allows them to have some stress free time at home, the truth is, it will only add greater amounts of stress in the future. Teachers will simply start assigning all the work that students miss if they do not attend class and before students realize it, they have a heavy workload to get through in a shortened period of time. 

      In my experiences as a virtual student for two weeks, I felt like I had no motivation to get out of bed. In fact, sometimes I just joined my classes sitting in bed because getting up seemed useless. Most of the time, my camera would be off, so none of my teachers realized anyways. I am not the only quarantined student who felt this way, McKenna Sunderland, 10, former virtual student said, “When I was in virtual school, it was hard to feel engaged in my classes and motivated to do my work…I’m worried I will get back into the same routine and it will impact my grades”. Many students have felt similar to Sunderland and soon, more will as the entire district has moved to remote this week. 

      The district recognizes the difficulties with engagement online; therefore, there seems to be a new set of rules implemented for this virtual week. 

      As of November 30th, there are many more expectations joining virtual calls. One strongly enforced rule for many teachers will be keeping your camera on at all times so your teacher knows you are awake, listening to the teacher or lesson, and you are located in an appropriate learning environment for school (not your bed).

      In order to stay on track and motivated, us students need to do our part in communicating with each other as well as our teachers. If we are struggling with materials or with staying on task, our teachers are there to help us especially since virtual learning is new for many students. 

      In addition, by ensuring that we are indulging in nutritionally balanced meals throughout the day, we improve our ability to remain energized and focused for classes throughout the academic school day.

       According to Work for Good, the first thing you can do to stay motivated and energized is to “Change your routine.”  Switching up things whether it is large or small can keep you awake and focused. This could be something as simple as trying to wake up earlier to accomplish more and going to bed at a reasonable time, finishing all of your homework by dark, or going on more walks to clear your head.  All of these can be ways that you change your routine.

       Although this transition from in person school to virtual may be hard, know that the entire Sycamore population is experiencing the same thing as you, and many have similar feelings towards this as well.