From The Leaf to Insider in One Decade

How SHS Alumni, Kat Tenbarge, entered the real world of journalism

   Former SHS student, Kat Tenbarge, was involved in journalism throughout her entire high school career, and this passion grew to continue even after graduating.

   “I loved doing The Leaf…that was the first idea that I might want to pursue journalism as a career,” Tenbarge said.

   During her summers, Tenbarge went to journalism camps to improve her writing more. This way her writing abilities never faded during her high school career.

  Though Tenbarge believes that most people “get there by the result of their privilege,” she did not have connections to do this; thus, after doing research about where she could apply for an internship, she found Cincinnati City Beat. Tenbarge applied but did not get a response, so she kept calling them until she finally got an answer, and this is how she got her first internship as a writer.

   She attended Ohio University for four years, and joined the New Political, a small publication at her school. They covered all sorts of politics including campus, city, and state.

   Writing for the New Political set Tenbarge on believing her path in journalism would take her to write about politics, but in her senior year of college, this idea changed.

   In her last year of college, Tenbarge went on to New York and interned at Inverse, which is a publication that covers internet culture. Tana Mongeau’s failed convention gave Tenbarge the opportunity to cover her first influencer coverage. This first article at Inverse is what showed her that she could cover influencers’ lives and drama for crowds who are interested in this area. As a result, she continued to write similar articles.

  Soon after, Tenbarge ended up at Insider, a global new publication that covers all kinds of events. This publication made a digital recorder team that she was included in as a digital culture reporter. She is excited for her and her coworkers on the team to “build that legacy.”

   “In terms of what I was doing in high school I had no idea that this would possibly come down the road,” Tenbarge said ten years later after joining journalism at SHS.