Week two at the Olympics


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The Sochi games are nearing midway point and the U.S. has moved in to second place while host nation Russia has claimed first. The U.S. has been picking up the medal place as of late jumping ahead of Russia and Canada.

Joshua Patterson, Staff Writer

As it stands on Tuesday, Feb. 18, the United States is second in the overall medal count with 21 medals total and seven gold medals. These are the top five as of Tuesday’s competitions:

  1. United States: 25
  2. Russian Federation: 23
  3. Canada: 22
  4. Netherlands: 22
  5. Norway: 21

The U.S. has more chance to medal with the Russian hockey team losing to Finland today, which some say was the only team standing in the way of the gold medal. First though they must get through a Canadian team that won the gold medal in 2012 in Vancouver.

The U.S. has been extremely effective in freestyle skiing and snowboarding, winning 12 of their 25 medals in these two categories.

“It makes you feel proud to be an American,” said Josh Glauser, 9 “It makes you feel special that this country has some of the world’s greatest athletes and are representing our country with flying colors.”

Last winter the U.S. team finished first with 37 total medals and Germany finished second with 30 medals.