What to do in your free time

With all the responsibilities people have, any free time is important. This quiz will help to determine what activity you would enjoy most during your free time.

1) Where is your favorite place to go?

A) the museum

B) the park

C) the mall

D) the recreational center


2) What do you eat for a quick snack?

A) protein bar

B) fresh fruit

C) home made cookies

D) leftovers from last nights dinner


3) What is your dream job?

A) psychiatrist

B) professional athlete

C) environmentalist

D) to be a best selling author


4) What bothers you the most?

A)  seeing someone cheat

B) hearing others talk badly about people’s creative ideas

C) seeing someone sitting all alone

D) people littering


5) What is your favorite thing to wear?

A) what ever style is popular

B) something comfortable and easy to move around in

C) anything with a stripes, polka dots, or another fun pattern

D) something cute but simple that I can be outside in



1a= orange box

1b= green box

1c= yellow box

1d= blue box


2a= blue box

2b= green box

2c= oranges box

2d= yellow box


3a= yellow box

3b= blue box

3c= green box

3d= orange box


4a= blue box

4b= orange box

4c= yellow box

4d= green box


5a= yellow box

5b= blue box

5c= orange box

5d= green box