Q&A with Tasia Meaders, 9, on Chinese class

What are you learning in Chinese class right now?

Photo courtesy of Sarah Horne.

   Right now in class we are learning how to talk about our future plans. We are learning different vocabulary words and then we will write an essay about what we are going to do over the summer.

Do you plan on continuing to learn Chinese next year?

Yes, because I like to challenge myself and learn new and interesting things. I will be taking it for my fourth year next year and am really excited.

What have you learned through taking this class?

I have learned how to work hard and still have fun.

Why did you choose to learn Chinese?

I wanted to take Chinese because I saw my brother take it and it looked like a great experience.

What is your favorite memory from class?

When we played a game and used fly swatters. We had different Chinese characters written on the board and had to run up to the board and hit the character that the teacher said. It was a fun way to learn new words.

Chinese class is open to all grades and is a yearlong class. To learn more about it click here.

What are you favorite words you have learned in Chinese?

火烈鸟 which means flamingo. I like it because it translates as a fire strong bird.

Chinese class is a yearlong class that is available to all grades.

There is also a Chinese Club that meets after school. Here, they learn about Chinese culture.