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Alex Jowanovitz
Hi! My name is Alex Jowanovitz and I am a current senior at SHS. This is my first year in journalism, and seeing how it will be my only one, I plan to make the most of it. I am the Associate Video Editor for the journalism program, which means I will be working on the creation and editing of any video that goes on our website. I love film and filmmaking, and am interested in going to the film industry, so this is an excellent opportunity for me to have hands-on experience with different video editing programs as well as experience with making film in general. Besides journalism, I partake in many other SHS activities outside the classroom. I am a cellist playing in the Sycamore High School String Orchestra, and have been playing the instrument since the fifth grade. I am also heavily involved with Aves Theatre, having performed onstage, as well as in the orchestra pit, for a number of shows including “Into the Woods” and “Addams Family”. Outside of school, I am an avid reader enjoy analyzing books and movies.  I love criticizing film and works of fiction, and take enjoyment in sharing my opinions with others. Additionally, I enjoy writing fiction as well as scripts for potential short films I want to make sometime. I am also a third-degree black belt in the Taekwondo martial art, having been a student at Ohio Taekwondo Academy for nearly ten years. I am hoping to test for my master degree black belt before I head off to college. I hope that participating in journalism will help me grow not just as a writer or video editor, but as a person as well. I really want to expand my social skills, and I think journalism will be a great way to do so. I am so excited for my senior year of high school and look forward to what the future is going to hold for me.  I can’t wait to bring my set of skills to the journalism program at Sycamore, and I hope I can learn a few more in the process. Enjoy the rest of the website!

Alex Jowanovitz, Associate Video Editor

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The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio
Alex Jowanovitz