The sun cannot melt the spirits of anxious skiers and snowboarders


Caroline Bruns

Perfect North was grassy and the snow was slushy, but that did not stop skiers and snowboarders. The temperature ranged from 36-40 degrees when SHS ski club was there. The students stayed until 8 pm at the slopes before making their way home.

On December 9, SHS ski club had its first voyage to Perfect North Slopes. Although there was a a heavy amount of rain within the week, the slopes were still open.

“I’m really happy the slopes were open today. I had a lot of fun,” sophomore Megan Hart said.

The slopes have been remodeled and improved this year. Some of these improvements include automatic doors for easier access into the lodge. Also, this year Perfect North has began to have bonus days before the regular season begins.

“We have had 12 early season Bonus Days. That is an early season record for us. It is definitely a record for the most skiing and boarding in November ever,” Perfect North Official said.

So far, these colder months have brought a prosperous amount of snow to Perfect North, and the cold conditions enable the slopes to open. Also, the colder temperatures allow the snow made by Perfect North to stick so that many people can begin skiing and snowboarding earlier.

“There aren’t a lot of slopes open right now, but I hope that the next time we go there will be more,” freshman Noah Kossani said.

Only 50 percent of the slopes were open. All of the easier hills were open along with all of the intermediate hills. There was one black diamond open. The black diamonds are the hardest hills. Overall, this month has been a good one for Perfect North, and a cold winter awaits.