Tennis season set to begin


Linda Stern

The Varsity tennis team took home the school’s first State title in the 2014 season. Before each match, they partake in warm up drills such as pushups to help improve physical stamina. They open their season in April

After nine months of individual and team conditionings, the Varsity tennis team is prepared to defend its elusive State Title that they captured. It was the first time an SHS tennis team took home the crown

Tryouts begin on March 9. They go take place for a week before Head Coach Mike Teets decides who makes the team. Seven players are selected for Varsity Gold, eight to ten are put on Varsity Green, and ten to twelve make the Junior Varsity squad.

“Tryouts help prove to Teets who not only is simply more talented but who is willing to grind through the wind and cold to achieve their goals,” senior captain Nakul Narendran said.

During the week of Feb 29, the entire program will participate in after school conditioning sessions out on the High School courts. They will partake in drills such as sprints, line jumps, and side-to-sides.

“The first step in proving your worth on the tennis court is proving your worth as an athlete,” Narendran said.

With matches set to start in April, all three teams will practice for a month before competing. The schedules for each team can be found here.