New Netflix Original redefines origin stories


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The show was released on Netflix on 4/12/15. It has gotten very high ratings so far. The entire season was released in one day.

D.C. fans need not read this.  A fresh Netflix original, made with Marvel Comics, begins with a bold innovative idea. Can being blind be an advantage?

“I know that if you lose one of your senses, sometimes the other ones get better to compensate,” freshman Shaurya Singhe said.

The main character, Matt Murdock of the show Daredevil, is blind.  More intriguing is the fact that he is a classic vigilante.  By day he practices law in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, and at night, he cleans up the streets with his martial arts skills and heightened senses.

I have watched the first four episodes of Daredevil.  I really like it so far.  One thing that was interesting was how everything seems louder to him,” freshman Gabrielle Yun said.

In one episode, Murdock can hear a phone call from several hundred yards away.  His senses of smell re also heightened.  With this, he can almost see the world.

“I haven’t seen this show yet, but when I get the chance, I will,” freshman Oliver Garrett said.