Environmental Club recycles


Environmental Club is a great way to give back. Participants help recycle materials, as well as make SHS a greener place. You can stay up to date on news for Environmental Club on Twitter @shsenviro. Photo Courtesy of Karen Patrick

Earth Day is an annual worldwide event, celebrated April 22nd, that demonstrates support for environmental protection. Students involved in environmental club are leaders to the whole school. They demonstrate support for the environment by doing ‘green’ activities like recycling.


“A typical day in the club is that we usually start off with a meeting, then we get ready to recycle. We usually split off in groups as one group does the top floor and one does the bottom,” senior Michelle Leshchinsky said.


Leschinsky is an avid member involved in the club. Like all the other club members, she dedicates her time toward helping make SHS – green. “The reason I do it is, because I like knowing that I have done a difference and have helped out with our school environment,” Leschinsky said.


Anybody can get involved and join the club. Meetings are held every week, after school on Thursday. Environmental Club has impacted such individuals that they now want to study it in college.


“I really care about our environment and I am planning to major in environmental science next year in college. I want to make a difference and improve our environment. I also love the outdoors and I want to preserve the natural beauty around us, as well as help others to experience it,” senior Eva Brod said.


Brod is just one of a handful of students that gives back to the Sycamore Community. Her time as the President of Environmental Club has given her responsibility and a new perspective at SHS.


“As an individual, Environmental Club has given me an appreciation for all the effort others put forth to help the environment. Also, an appreciation for all the work that the custodians do for us. It has showed me that I can make a difference in the world. But also, the effect that we have as a team is much greater. Teamwork is an essential component of our club, and every member is important,” Brod said.


In honor of Earth Day, Environmental Club will be having a party this April 23rd. On Friday, April 24th the club will be doing a special event to show how many bottles are saved from going into landfills by the club recycling around the school. All students and faculty are welcome to participate.


“Being in environmental club has made me more into a leader. Just seeing how much paper and plastic we save from going into landfills is all the reward I need,” senior Karen Patrick said.