Science Bowl prepares for competitions


Hajime Minoguchi

Senior Divyesh Balamurali is studying for science bowl. He was selected as the leader of sciencebowl. He was the only student exemped from the tryout.

Hajime Minoguchi, Staff Writer

Walking through the hallway on a Friday afternoon, one may hear the sounds of buzzing along with voices of people laughing. The club responsible is the Science Bowl.

Science Bowl is a highly competitive club where students from different grades compete against each other with their knowledge of science.

Their first meeting was on Sept. 4.  Weekly meetings will be every Friday, after students are picked for the teams after taking a test. They spend most of their time teaching each other and practicing for the competitions with other students.

Junior Athulya Murali said, “You learn a ton of new information about a wide range of topics and have fun with your friends while you’re doing it.”

People in this club have done well in school work and outside activities. The highly competitive environment that this club encourages has students to continually seeking for the higher ground.

Murali said, “Last year, our A team placed third place, but we’re hoping to beat that.”

In the science bowl, the rule is that the upperclassmen must help and teach the underclassmen. This has allowed for a wide variety of information to be shared among students.

Junior Jun Nishikawa said, “I think the best thing about science bowl is that you expose yourself to new information.”

“This is especially helpful for underclassmen who have not yet taken many science courses.”