Families unite for a common cause



Senior Mackenzie McMullen and sophomore Megan McMullen participate in Battle of the Sibs in 2015. They were working to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Battle of the Sibs is an annual event that involves sibling pairs from ten families competing to win the money raised for their chosen charity.

Elizabeth Rickert, Print Editor-in-Chief

Siblings fight all the time. It’s rare to see them unite for a common cause like what occurs during Battle of the Sibs. Battle of the Sibs is an event that pits sibling pairs against each other.
The families compete in various games and activities to become the ultimate champions. The winner gets all of the money raised donated to their charity of choice.
In the past, the event has occurred in a tournament style where a family is eliminated each round. This year, all of the families will participate the entire event receiving points for wins.
The winner receives five points, second place receives three, and third place receives one.
Junior Renee Foster said, “We decided to change how the winner was decided because we had been given a lot of feedback saying it was disappointing when the people someone came for were eliminated. We were also told from participants that the event did not seem as fair or fun when it was a tournament.”
The change allows for all new games since the goal is to have a winner of the game not a loser.
Battle of the Sibs is taking place on Jan. 22 in the Little Theater. Ten sibling pairs, which will be announced before winter break, will compete against each other for their charities.
Senior Leila Kazemi said, “I hope that my brother, Armeen, and my application was accepted. We’re really hoping to raise money for Cancer Free Kids because we have a family friend who is very involved with it,”
Applications are still being accepted at the front office for the rest of the week of Nov. 30.
Sophomore Megan McMullen said, “Battle of the Sibs was such a fun show to be a part of. I can’t think of a better way to raise money for charity than with my sister. It’s a show no one should miss,”
The McMullens were just one of the siblings who participated in last years Battle of the Sibs.