Bomb blast

Explosion of Russian airplane could have been caused by ISIS bomb


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A member of the Egyptian army stands watch at the site of where a Russian jet exploded while ambulances carry away the corpses of the victims. On Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015 an airliner was blown up over the Sinai Peninsula. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the blast.

Madeline Schramm, staff writer

On Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015, Metrojet Flight 9268 mysteriously burst over the Sinai Peninsula. All of the 224 people on the flight perished.

Now, US officials are claiming they are nearly certain that an explosive planted by the Islamic State caused this tragedy.

Sophomore Alexander Johnson said “I think bad people do bad things. I think they [ISIS] put a bomb on it.”

According to CNN, ISIS has claimed responsibility for detonating the Russian airliner, which was flying from Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt to St. Petersburg, Russia but has yet to explain how this happened.

British and American officials have surveying messages from the Islamic State to determine to what degree the operatives were talking about the device and detonator used.

Junior Nonso Okonji said, “I just do not see why terrorism is a thing. People should just understand other people have different opinions and you can’t please everyone. so they should just adapt to it.”

The black boxes recovered from the ruins of Flight 9268 have recorded a noise that makes it clear this catastrophe was not an accident.

According to CNN, investigators say that the cockpit voice recorder illustrates a blast, and the flight data receiver demonstrates the eruption of the airplane was intentional.

However, Egyptian officials are skeptical of the evidence, and are being more cautious in their approach. They have vowed that no conclusion has been reached yet.

Freshman Bianca Milllion said “It is crazy and pretty sad that a bunch of people died on it.’’

Egyptian authorities are estimating that the crash was caused by a lithium battery or a mechanical problem.

Whether ISIS is linked to this or not, governments from around the world are working around the clock, and will not stop until this mystery is solved.