Blast of terror


MCT Campus

Police evacuate a high school that received a threat of an explosive placed in the building waiting to be detonated. School districts throughout the state of Ohio have been obtaining similar messages lately, forcing administators to vacate their communities. So far, no detonators have been found.

Madeline Schramm, staff writer

Many communities throughout Ohio have recently received intimidation about explosives being planted and activated.

According to Local 12,  since the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 7, 74 schools across the state have gotten messages warning of a projectile in the building waiting to be detonated. Also, authorities claim that there were a lot of similarities between the calls, the numbers traced, and the subpoenas being gathered.

These assumed hazards have caused schools to evacuate their staff and students for their safety, cutting into the education and school times of students.

On Thursday, Sept. 24, 70 schools received an automated transmission of someone warning them of an explosive device. Ten days later, on Wednesday, Oct. 7, four more schools received similar blackmail.

School Resource Officer Paul Payne said, “I believe with all the recent bomb threats, it has made schools check their safety plans to review them.”

All of this is getting police closer to finding out who is responsible for the acts of terror. Local police stations are currently working with the Federal Bureau of

Investigation (FBI) and the Fusion center, a centralized homeland security team, to find who is responsible.

Principal Mr. Douglas Mader said, “I think we always hear on the side of safety, and we always take these threats seriously, and those who are responsible for this will recieve severe punishment.”

So far, these threats of explosives have been proven false, but have caused anxiety in parents and school administrators for the safety of their staff and students.

Sophomore Timothy Guth said, “I feel it is sad and needs to be changed.”

So far, SHS nor any other school in the Sycamore community have received these messages, but the cops are on the lookout for where and when these threats will strike next.