Sophomores read into past


MCT Campus

Charles Dickens is a 19th century novelist who is considered one of the greatest writers of all time. Having been born into a working class family, he got a first-hand view of the poverty and despair that plagued his society which inspired many of his works. In writing A Tale of Two Cities, he got inspiration for the main character from his own love, Ellen Turnan, a young actress.

It was the best of books, it was the worst of books.

As second semester progresses, students in sophomore accelerated English classes begin reading the classic novel A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

Sophomore Kiri Wang said, “I absolutely love this book. The character development, all of the symbolism, and the overall awe-inspiring writing is what makes it one of the best books I have ever had to read for school.

The book features the tale of a father and daughter but is not the type one would expect. It is set before and during the French Revolution in both London, England, and Paris, France.

In a series of dramatic events, the book illustrates the harsh realities of living during this time period as well as a riveting plot line and writing style.

Wang said, “What is so great about it is that the book is not just purely centered around a plot. You really learn and start to understand the happenings of the time and there is always an underlying message in pieces of the setting.”

Taught by English teachers Johanna Gordon and Melissa Sullivan, the material is meant to be read and analyzed solely by the students.

They do not allow students to look online for insight, and require them to write original, thought-provoking writer’s notebook entries on their own.

Wang said, “My favorite part is analyzing every detail. I love that everything has a deeper meaning than any other typical book.”