‘Alphabet’ becomes most valuable company in tech world

Amy Deng

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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki speaks at VidCon, an event that features YouTuber panels. YouTube was bought by Google in 2006 and remains one of the biggest platforms for the company. It now runs as a Google subsidiary and has become one of the most popular websites.

Google has introduced a new parent company named Alphabet. The company rose in stock due to strong earnings, starting the day with a market value of about $551 billion.

Junior Joshua Glauser said, “Apple has definitely stagnated their innovation and it really shows in their progress while Google has been doing great.”

Alphabet’s stock earning surpassed Apple, who fell 1%, pushing its market value down to $531 billion at its opening.

The majority of Alphabet’s sales and earnings come from Google’s operations, such as; Google search, Android and YouTube.

Junior Sarah Sotropa said, “I want to know more about Alphabet’s impact on Google stock and if it will continue to benefit.”

The last time Google was more valuable than Apple was in Feb., 2010, when both companies were worth less than $200 billion.

Sotropa said, “I do not think that Google will be able to surpass Apple anytime soon due to Apple’s popularity in their products.”

Some analysts believe that it is possible for Alphabet to become the first company to reach $1 trillion in market value.

However, Alphabet still has not gotten close to Apple’s peak market value; reaching worth nearly $775 billion back in Feb., 2015.

Google is convincing investors to transition for Web to mobile which will help the company maintain dominance. The company’s use of mobile will help boost its market value and generating profit from digital ad business.