No end to morale moments


Madeline Schramm

This is the schedule for Spirit Week for Sycamore students and staff. The event will last from Tuesday, Jan. 18, to Friday, Jan. 22. Originally, a Pep Rally was planned at the end of the week, but was postponed until Feb. 19 to promote Fashion for the Cure and its charity of choice: The Dragonfly Foundation. Fashion for the Cure will be on Fri. Feb. 26 at 7:00 PM.

School cheer is coming this week, with special outfit days for staff and students from Tues., Jan. 19, to Fri., Jan. 22. However, in contrast to tradition there will not be a pep rally at the end of spirit week.

In previous years, classes have gathered in the gym for the finale of a special week, where all grades of students compete against each other for points for showing enthusiasm.

Sophomore Noah Kinsinger said, “Yeah [I will be participating in spirit week] because it is peer pressure. It is what everyone does.”

However, according to School Principal Mr. Doug Mader, the winter pep rally will be Feb. 19.

Although, some students are not pleased with the early spirit week.

Freshman Lindsay Williams said, “No, [I will not be participating] because I do not have any of the materials I need. I do not have any gray, or jerseys, or American flags. The categories are too specific. It is hard to participate if you do not have what you need.”

Originally, a pep rally was planned for Jan. 22 to call attention to the Hoops for Hope organization, which is why students and staff will be wearing gray this Friday. However, the spirit gathering was postponed to a later month to show spirit for Fashion for the Cure, which benefits The Dragonfly Foundation.

Also, the sudden spirit week came as a surprise to many staff and students.

Senior Jacob Adams said, “No, [I will not be participating] because I did not know it was going on and did not really care.”

The purpose of Hoops for Hope is to raise money for Duke University’s brain tumor research, and to support the Lothrop family, whose daughter is battling a brain tumor.