Barbie gets new look


MCT Campus

In order to allow children to grow up with more realistic dolls, Mattel Inc is giving different dolls different body sizes. This helps to reduce the image that there is only one “perfect” look. By seeing healthy body images, children will be in a healthier growing environment.

Since 1959, when Barbie dolls first hit stores, there have been over a billion sold. According to some sources, there are about three of these popular childhood dolls sold every second, across 150 countries.

Besides being a beloved childhood toy for over 50 years, Barbie has gone through some push back.

Due to her disproportional body image, and being constantly in the hands of young, developing children, her “perfect body” has lead to unreasonable standards being pressured upon women.

This has lead to stress and an increase in women with underweight and unhealthy bodies. For example, an average U.S. woman has a waist size of 35 inches whereas a barbie doll has a waist of only 16 inches.

Junior Michelle Siddiqui said, “If we could change this and make the doll more realistic, it would contribute to a safer environment, since the impossible will no longer be expected.”

In order to reduce this harmful mindset for young children, or “the Barbie Effect,” as it has been know, three new shapes of barbie dolls are coming out.

Siddiqui said, “It is harmful for young children to grow up with an unhealthy mindset when it comes to their body, since observational learning is a big part of what they use to learn about the world around them. If a young girl, for example is raised with bad examples they will have unrealistic expectations”.

The dolls will have different body sizes that are more proportional to regular healthy body types. They will be labeled petite, tall, and curvy.

Siddiqui said, “This will provide a better example for children that people are of all different sizes and teaches them that this is okay. This creates a more healthy and happy environment, which is a truly wonderful thing”.

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