Novel stuns students

Calliope Osborn

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Calliope Osborn

The Kite Runner is required for sophomores to read at SHS. The book has been challenged at some high schools because of the graphic content and the language. Despite the violence, the novel teaches students valuable lessons about friendship and courage.

Every school year, sophomores read the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

And every school year, students are stunned by the actions and events within the novel.

Sophomore Katie Wenzel said, “Amir was very aggravating in the beginning. He made really bad decisions that affected people around him very badly, and he didn’t care.”

The book teaches students valuable lessons, about family and friendship, and shame and courage. Although students seem to be fans of the novel, some school boards and parents want the book to be removed from the curriculum.

The book has been challenged by multiple schools.

The Marshall University library said in 2014 it was, “challenged, but retained as part of the Waukesha (WI) High School curriculum despite claims the book ‘desensitizes students to violence’.”

The Waukesha High School was referring to the rape scene in the novel. Hosseini also uses explicit language throughout the book.

Sophomore Taylor Kyle said, “In the beginning, although Amir made some bad decisions, he was also a child and was scared. Then he grew up and had a chance to redeem himself.”