Gender pay gap beginning to favor women

Amy Deng

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MCT Campus

Women in the workforce of every profession suffers from the gender gap. While society has started to realize this issue and move towards change, the gap still exists. In order to close the gap, gradual change is the best solution.

Throughout history, women have constantly existed in and out of the work place. After World War II, women cemented their position in the workforce. However, the gender pay gap has often been discussed.

According to CNN Money, women generally earn 79 cents for every dollar men earn. This is based off of the median annual salaries of full-time women in the workforce.

Equal Pay Day is Apr. 12, raising awareness for the issue about the gender pay gap. No industry has yet offered equal pay for equal work.

Junior Sarah Sotropa said, “Equal pay is important especially in the generation we live in today. Women and men should survive and work as equals.”

A study done by CNN shows that women hired for jobs in technology, sales, and marketing were offered salaries that were 3% less than what men were offered, and some companies had gender pay gaps as high as 30%.

Junior Anais Cabello said, “I am interested in computer science and men are often dominant in that field of study. As a result, the growing number of women in that field should be a sign for equality.”

Some high-skilled jobs have the worst pay gaps. In a recent study done by CNN Money, male ophthalmologists reported earning 36% ($95,000 a year) more than their female counterparts. This is the same for cardiologists where men made 29% ($97,000) more than women.

Sotropa said, “Every job in the workforce needs to have equal pay so that the gender gap completely disappears.”

Recently, however, women have gradually begun to speak out about the wage gap and advocate for higher pay, often getting the result they want. Younger female workers are the ones who often ask higher pay.