Stanford rapist’s release causes outcry

Emily Chien

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Yasmine Guedira, 12
April 30, 2018

MCT Photo

“I, like many others, am personally offended that he got out of jail so early. Women and men everywhere cannot and do not tolerate such a lenient sentence. On social media and in real life, people have been giving him quite a hard time for his unacceptable actions,” said Wang.

After only three months of jail time, notorious rapist Brock Turner was released from jail on September 2, stringing controversy over short sentence and white privilege.

“Brock Turner definitely deserves way more jail time than he got. He ruined an innocent girl’s life and should not be viewed favorably because he is a ‘swimmer at Stanford,’” said Kiri Wang, 11.

Controversy has erupted once again as multiple people blame the social advantage of white males, one who in this case also happens to attend an Ivy League school, for the light rape sentence.

“There should be more people speaking out about this topic. There is a lot of news about Brock Turner specifically but there are many other rapists with privileged lives that are not punished properly,” said Wang.

According to Inside Higher Ed, one in every five women is sexually assaulted in college, with rape culture more accepted than ever.

“A rightful punishment on Brock Turner’s part, however, would set an example for future punishments for rape. That is why his light sentence is so bad. People are not happy about this, and rightfully so,” said Wang.