Folding into first week


MCT Campus

Origami is a part in Japanese culture and is a type of way to fold paper other than making paper airplanes. It is just an example of what is done at Japanese Club. Origami was a part of Japanese Club on September 26 and will be in the future.

Mark Huffer, Staff Writer

Japanese Club has begun as of this past Monday. After a semi-long wait and a lot of advertising, Japanese Club has started. Last week, there was an informational meeting about what is done when the members meet.

“We had an informational meeting last week, and our first meetup was Mon., Sep. 26. We all were a part of origami, creating cranes, and paper boxes,” said Mr. Wesley Tootle, director of the club.

“Starting yesterday, we meet up every other Monday, with the next meet on October 10,” said Tootle.

Japanese Club was proud to introduce origami to its members who were at the meetup on Monday. Tootle also hosts Japanese food days and other Japanese experiences.

“Our plans in the future are to have a food day in November or December. We will be having udon, a Japanese type of noodles,” said Tootle.

For more information, Japanese Club is listed here.