President Barack Obama welcomes US Olympic athletes to White House


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Obama gives a warm welcome to the world class athletes. He address them saying he is very proud of the hard work Team USA has done. Especially, he is proud of the women’s achievements which gives his daughters great aspirations.

On September 30, roughly 600 Team USA Olympians and Paralympians were greeted by multiple political officials to thank them for their representation of the U.S. on and off the field of play in Rio this summer.

The visit to the White House included a tour everywhere, from libraries to the restrooms. The groups mingled amongst themselves, took pictures, and spent some time with the presidential puppies Bo and Sunny.

After both the teams shook their hands with President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden, the president took the stage to address the crowd.

“There’s no kid in America who can’t look at our Olympic team and see themselves somewhere. That’s part of the reason why we’re successful — because we gather talent from every corner of the globe,” said Obama in his address to the crowd.

He boldly stated that he was glad to turn the attention away from him and focus on the athletes and their impressive prizes.

This Olympics, Team USA won the most medals by far the first country in 40 years to be first on the medal chart in every category.

“2016 belonged to America’s women Olympians. I mean, no question… As the father of two young women, for them to have that example of health, and drive, and competition, and persistence, and strength — it makes me really proud,” Obama said on Twitter.

Gymnast Simone Biles and soccer player Josh Brunais received the honor of being the flag bearer at the closing ceremony at the Olympic and Paralympic games.

Together, they presented the Obamas with a pair of surfboards signed by the entire team. The gift was a nod to the surfing that will be added to the Olympic games in 2020.

Seeing the president and the first lady at the White House was “right up there with walking into the opening ceremony right behind the flag-bearer,” said Hugh Freund, silver medalist in the keelboat sailing event in the Paralympics to the IB Times.