Color guard spins into season finale


Terry Ekstedt

The girls in color guard are putting the final touches on their show. The marching band season is quickly coming to an end, with only two weeks left. The guard is working on their performance skills for their last competitions.

As the marching band schedule is coming to a close, the color guard is putting the final touches on their show. With only a few weeks left, all of their practices are extremely valuable.

“Individually, we don’t really have much to improve except for looking up with confidence and making sure to do body choreography.

“As a team, we need to focus on being in the right drill and counting. I’m very excited for the finished product, touch ups, and all,” said Sophia Taylor, 9.

The 18 girls have learned choreography, flag work, drill, and transitions; now, it is time to really perform. Performing is a skill that is very important to color guard as the audience is many feet away.

The guard has been focusing on movement three, the last song in their show, by going through the choreography set by set, ideally trying to make it as clean and perfect as they can.

Movement three of their show also allows them to work as a group; they are all on flag, which truly calls for mental focus and a teamwork attitude.

“For the rest of the season, we need to work on everything from smiling and counting to drill,” said Blessed Collins, 10.

A continuing theme for the girls is working together as a team, counting for one another, and helping with any confusion in relation to choreography.

Their next competition is at Colerain High School on Sat., Oct. 29, where they will perform all three movements.