Global markets unsteady after Trump victory

Amy Deng

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Election day was on Nov. 8, where citizens could vote for certain candidates in different positions. Voter turnout for this election was significant due to it being a presidential election. Polls saw the most people arrive in the early morning to vote.

The results of the election not only affected the people but the economy as well. Donald Trump’s presidential win prompted markets to spin out of control.

Investors quickly pulled their money out of the marketplace in a huge round of selling, leading to significant financial and economic implications.

“I never realized how much the markets are affected by such elections because I did not see the  connection,” said Sarah Sotropa, 12.

According to the New York Times, investors sold stocks in Asia and Europe, oil and the Mexican peso, pushing prices to a n all-time low. They also sold the American dollar, which was once seen as a refuge function in times of chaos.

“Investors get nervous during such elections and sell massive quantities, which is reflected globally,” said Grace Deng, 9.

However, even with the sudden drop, the market has begun a steady climb back. The initial reaction to the election represents a controversial reaction to a vast range of policies encompassing global commerce.

“The markets will eventually rise back up to the way they were but experiences these drops during rare events such as the presidential election,” said Sotropa.

It is said that what markets crave more than anything is certainty, as stated by the New York Times. The world is currently in need of it.