October 2016 Staff Editorial: Voicing opinions in election


Sydney Evans

In this election, there has been a large number of undecided voters. Throughout the campaigns of the two leading candidates, both candidates have had their pasts drudged up, and it has seriously skewed the polls. Their past mistakes, whether real or made-up, have some voters believing that neither of the leading candidates are fit to be president.

As this election cycle comes to a close, the historical ramifications cannot be understated. This is a political shift that is rarely seen in a democracy, much less one as vetted as ours.

We have an election that is polarized between two extremes, and whichever choice we make will affect the following generations. There are very rarely two opponents that seem so different, and this election will determine the future path that America will take, much like the Brexit vote has changed Britain for decades to come.

This is why the opportunity to vote and the opportunity to talk about the future of this country is more important than ever. Discussion is what shapes visions and change. Without discussion, we as a society are not able to move forward towards any kind of future. Instead, we would merely stay in the same place that we are currently in.

Even though you may not be able to vote, you have the power to influence this election just as much as any voter-eligible citizen. That power comes from your voice.

The voice is a vehicle to talk about change and to influence the people that lead all of us. The voice is what creates opinion and what shapes peoples’ visions for America.

What we pride ourselves in as a country is the ability for everyone here to be able to speak their minds and voice their opinions, no matter what or who they are.

So, use your voice. Talk about these issues and become informed. Even if you cannot vote now, at some point you will be eligible. Then, the future of the country will be in your hands, and you will have to make a choice.