December 2017 Staff Editorial: Evaluating 365 unique experiences


Sydney Evans

REWIND. As 2017 comes to an end, it is time to reflect on both good times and bad. Each year contains great changes for society and the world, but also myriad changes for each person, especially in adolescence. Then, more importantly, we can look ahead to what is next.

Perspective is hard to grasp at any point in life, but it is particularly difficult as teenagers (or so we hear).

After all, for some people here, these past twelve months made up approximately 1/14 of their lives, probably 1/10 of the lives they actually remember.

For context, a large LaRosa’s pizza has 16 pieces. This is all to say, each passing year makes up a pretty hefty slice of our experiences thus far.

The rapidly approaching end of first semester, and more importantly 2017, leads us to a natural point for reflection.

Maybe this was the year you met an incredible friend, or maybe it was the year you lost one. Maybe you discovered a passion, and maybe another one got cut out. Maybe you took a class you loved, and maybe you got the hardest test you have ever taken, and most likely, there was something valuable to take out of every one of these things.

We all ought to change over the course of a year; the only way one could avoid that is by hiding under a rock the entire time, and even that seems like it would be a pretty revolutionary experience. Not to mention, that seems to be the whole pitch of adolescence.

Thus, we invite you to take a moment and think on all that has changed at SHS, in the world, and within yourself in 2017, and perhaps ask how you feel about it.

We certainly hope you like the direction things are going in, but if not, then perhaps think about what you can do as we approach the blank slate of another revolution around the sun.

Apologies in advance if we spur an existential crisis, but those can be important too, sometimes.

Life is a funky, squirming little beast. (We suppose people who cannot even legally vote are not the most qualified to tell you what life is, but do bear with us). We do hope that your evaluation of these 365 unique experiences comes up with a net positive.