August 2017 Staff Editorial: Welcome back to a new school year!


Sydney Evans

TELL YOUR STORY. Joining SHS for the first time this year are hundreds of students, nine new teachers, and one new administrator. This is an opportunity not only to make new relationships but also to change the school at large. It will be exciting to see how classes and activities unfold over the year.

Welcome back to a new school year! We hope that you are feeling well rested and ready to go full steam ahead for another nine months.

Whether you are a freshman, a new student walking the halls of SHS for the first time, or a senior ready for college, the idea of a new school or a new year can be a chance to change.

Change can be frightening because change means heading into the unknown, a place uncomfortable for many of us to tread.

It can be scary, but you have the opportunity as each new year starts to become a leader, find a hobby you love, or discover a niche in your schedule.

This is the beginning of a fresh slate for all of us – for students, for staff, even for the school as a whole. This is the chance to try new things, meet new people, and make new friends.

As the year starts, students have an idea of a goal they would like to accomplish like finding something they love, creating good study habits, or putting new effort into classes or extracurriculars.

Joining us this year will be nine new teachers and one administrator, with their own goals just like the students. We cannot wait to see what they bring to SHS.
Hopefully the new additions and changes to the school will help students and staff develop and grow.

These teachers and administrator will strive to add to our academic environment as well as improve our high school experiences and educations throughout the school year.

Take the time to head out of your comfort zone, make mistakes, and take risks. Break old habits, make new ones.

As we all embark on a new year, make a resolution that you will make a change, whether that be through being more social or attaining the skill you covet. Welcome to a new year.