November 2017 Staff Editorial: Giving thanks to SHS’s hidden heroes


Sydney Evans

SUPER HEROES. Besides our teachers and administration, SHS is backed by an extensive and valiant staff. Behind the scenes they are working to ensure the everyone enjoys a clean and functional school. Although they may not be in the spotlight, they are the true heroes of SHS.

For each of 173 days in a school year, there are hundreds of people working to keep the school day running smoothly for all students.

Some of these people we get to know pretty well over the course of a year: we interact with teachers all day, follow The Real Doug Mader on Twitter, and work with our coaches at every practice.

Yet, there are hundreds of others in and around our building who are dedicated to creating ideal conditions for us to study and grow.

Some of these people you might never actually meet during your time here. Maybe you walk right past one of these staff members’ offices every day, or maybe you have worked closely with one or many of them.

From custodians to professional assistants and nutrition specialists to receptionists, SHS is full of unsung heroes who make our experiences here possible. They are the reason we can buy lunch, get the announcements, have printed packets, and rest assured we will be safe in class.

These members of the SHS family work tirelessly, their “super powers” holding up this community so that each student has a chance to achieve his/her full potential, and yet they so rarely receive the recognition they deserve.

That is why we hope to bring your attention to a few of these incredible staff members. However, we must emphasize that the people in this issue are only a small fraction of all the heroes working behind the scenes.

We encourage you to read these stories for a fuller understanding of our community, but more than that, we hope that this can serve as a reminder to show your appreciation when you have the chance.

With November being the time for thankfulness, remember to extend your gratitude to someone you might not regularly think of as an instrumental part of your day.

To all the hidden heroes of SHS: we would not be able to do this without you, and we cannot thank you enough for all you do for us!