California, Nevada suffer extreme flooding, mudslides

Various portions of the West face continuous issues as winter storms begin their journey, including extreme snow, flooding, and mudslides.

Such states in these areas expect more to come in the near future. Yosemite National Park has been closed due to heavy rains and flooding forecasts. The park will reopen Tuesday with limited services, but regular operational services should be back by Wednesday.

“Relentless rain and snow over much of the Western US will be reinvigorated by another powerful storm moving onshore late Tuesday,” said the National Weather Service.

In addition, Western rivers will continue to rise as rain that has fallen on the Sierras will flow into valleys and other low-lying areas.

Most of the rain has fallen in Northern California, specifically in the Lake Tahoe region, between the border of California and Nevada. This region received almost 33.6 billion gallons of water since January 1.

This is very fortunate for the people of California due to the fact that they have been suffering a five year drought.

“Periods of heavy rain and snow will continue for the Western US through the middle of this week,” said CNN meteorologist Haley Brink.

On the other hand, Nevada has issued almost 1,000 people to evacuate in one south Reno-Tahoe area neighborhood.

“There could be additional problems in Reno if a levee at Idlewild Park breaks and lets up to another foot of water head downtown,” said CNN affiliate KOLO.