Mr. and Mrs. Sycamore soars


Hannah Loftspring

TEAMWORK. Dividing jobs between committee members ensures that every aspect of the event gets the attention it deserves. Collecting shirt sizes of all of the participants, designing shirts and contacting shops for donations and apparel each require days of planning and much attention. Student Council meets every day and the committee meets three times a week to get it all done.

While Student Council usually sticks to traditions, there is something new coming. Mr. Sycamore is an annual event at SHS that features a boy from each grade, except for two senior boys. The chosen students dress up, collect money, and dance in front of the audience for approval.

This year, Student Council welcomes Mr. and Mrs. Sycamore. For the first time, female students will be featured as well. The girls will dress in prom dresses from local shops while the boys sport tuxedos, and they will compete to raise the most money and applause.

“Last year I was one of the heads of the Mr. Sycamore committee, and the year before I was very involved, so I know the ropes. It’s one of my favorite events even though it is very stressful.

“I just thought why not spice it up a bit? The girls are super excited to be in it this year, and I can tell that the rest of the school is, too. I’m super anxious to see the turnout,” said Elayna Berry, 11.

The event is on April 21 at 7:30 p.m. It traditionally falls around this time to hype up students and allow them a break in the middle of the hardships of fourth quarter.

“As the date is nearing it is getting a little hectic, but it is all under control. Things just have to be taken one day at a time and with the help of all of Student Council I am confident it’ll be a smashing success,” Berry said.

The event requires lots of attention paid to detail. From coordinating with the participants and making sure they are prepared to choreographing an embarrassing dance and contacting local apparel shops, it is not a simple event to plan.

“Since the committee I was on worked so well together in planning Hoops 4 Hope, we’re just going to keep the same group for Mr. and Mrs. Sycamore.

“We do a great job of dividing and conquering to get things accomplished. For example we have some people designing shirts while others design the decorations for the auditorium. Time is ticking,” Berry said.