AP Euro explores Europe


Leaf Staff

ADVENTURE. Students receive a whole new perspective by traveling with their classmates. The ten-day trip allowed for students to gain many new experiences with a deeper understanding to the topics they have learned in class. The annual trip leaves each student with an unforgettable experience that will stay with them forever.

On Fri., Mar. 17, students from AP European History set out to explore the countries of France and Italy.

“Not doing it with family meant no annoying moms taking even more photos than I already do. I didn’t really get homesick until we started to get ready to go home,” said Christine Zou, 10.

Students spent three days in Paris, one day in Normandy, then traveled by an overnight train to Florence, Assisi, and Rome.

“It was so amazing, but I think you’d hear that from anyone else on the trip. I’ve never been to Europe, so it was a dream to experience it. No doubt: I’m a city person, so I loved Paris and Rome. Then Florence was an amazing walking city,” Zou said.

SHS staff worked with EF Tours in order to make the trip possible. Students were accompanied by five chaperones and a tour director.

The tour director David Cage would lead the group around the cities making sure to allot enough time for students to visit the main attractions. Free time would be allotted in popular areas to allow students to go explore on their own in small groups.

“My favorite part would be the free time because we got to walk around the cities and experience the vibe which is what really draws me into any city. Traveling in general is one of my favorite things, and on this trip, I got to do it with friends, which was a blast because we literally lived together for 10 days and explored new cities together,” Zou said.