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Allstars start to debate


MCT Campus

ALL STARS. The 2016 election came with a collection of interesting debates. Thus, the sophomore all star teams have lots of places to look for debate examples. The structure of presidential debates is quite different than how SHS does it, but the various debate tactics are universal.

As always, third and fourth quarter are marked with a myriad of activities. The sophomore All-Star Debates will begin April 11. This year’s topic is the letter-based grading system. The affirmative will be arguing that the system should be changed to an alternative one of their choosing. The negative will be arguing that the system should stay.

“I’m super excited to be on my class’ all-star team. Debates are a tradition, and it is an honor to be continuing that. Also, you only get to debate once in class, so it will be awesome to get some more debate experience,” said Maddy Weiss, 10.

One team -comprised of five people- was selected from each sophomore English class. In most cases, the students voted for their class team. Five people are needed in order to deliver two constructive speeches, rebuttal speeches, cross examination questions, and note-taking to make the process go smoother.

“It is tricky because each team needs to have multiple scenarios ready in their head due to the unpredictability of the debate. We will find out shortly before whether we are debating for the affirmative or the negative side,” said Shayna Kling, 10.

The teams will compete in a bracket-like competition, so the teams that stay could potentially miss full days of class. Ask any English teacher and they will likely say the fame is well worth it.

“Sure, it is a lot of work on top of everything that is already going on at school, but I think it is worth it. I have already learned so much, and I won’t have an opportunity like this ever again,” said Adam Levine, 10.

Although the preliminary rounds are not open to student viewers, all sophomores will be able to watch the finals.