No one rests during Relay for Life


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GREAT CAUSE. The community event to fight cancer, Relay for Life, will be held April 8-9. It is a fundraiser that is 12 hours long. Relay for Life began because of Dr. Gordon Klatt’s run around a university track in support of the American Cancer Society.

Relay for Life is a fundraising walk to help with the fight against cancer.

The Montgomery Area event takes place at the high school from 6:00 p.m on Sat., Apr. 8 to 6:00 a.m. on Sun., Apr. 9: a total of 12 hours with a goal of raising a total of $100,000. So far, about $25,000 have been raised.

The event has been going on at the high school for many years and continues to be run strongly by students. There are usually around 650 participants every year from the community that come together on this day. Community members are enabled to interact and have an amazing time for an important cause.

Relay for Life is an organization that began with the influence of Dr. Gordon Klatt, who ran around a university track for an entire day in support of the American Cancer Society. This started the unique event for others to help fight for cancer.

The entire event begins with the opening ceremony, followed by the Survivor’s Lap, where cancer survivors are honored and take a lap. At 10:00 p.m. the Luminaria Ceremony takes place to give people a moment to grieve and renew hope. Finally, the event closes with a Closing Ceremony at 5:00 a.m.

“I wanted to do Relay for Life because my sister had such a great experience each year she had participated before me. I think Relay for Life is an awesome chance to raise money for a great cause and have a fun night out with friends!” said Michelle Kerr, 10.

Friends can sign up together as a team to participate in the event, and each team member will take turns to walk around the track. One chaperone must be with the team at all times.

Each team member is required to raise at least $100 by Thurs., Mar. 16. and can do this by asking friends, family, and neighbors for donations.

Other places such as Chipotle and Tropical Smoothie Cafe help Relay for Life earn money through their dine-to-donates.

The Relay for Life motto, “Cancer never sleeps,” is a reminder to all participants as together they all experience the ups and downs of cancer during the relay.

Walking around the track without any breaks represents the continuous fight against cancer. Walking the entire time, through the changing weather, and tired moments enable participants to experience what battling cancer is like.

Participating in Relay allows people to experience the ups and downs of cancer: the good – friends and fun, love and support – and the bad – sleepiness and fatigue, pain and suffering,” said Anita Pan, 11.

The Luminaria Ceremony is probably the highlight for many participants of Relay for Life. This ceremony is about lighting candle bags personally dedicated to those who have passed because of cancer, those who have survived, and those who are caregivers. Many people are moved to tears during the serene, resilient moment.

“The reason I relay is that I have seen the gruesome effects of cancer firsthand. My grandma was diagnosed about three years ago. I fight for her and for those who are currently battling or have passed. I believe cancer will one day be defeated entirely, and a cure will be found,” Pan said.