U4U transitions for next year


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TIME FLIES. Club members of the club Unified for Uganda at their first meeting of the school year. Already the last meeting took place. Additionally, new officers were elected for the next school year.

With the school year coming to a close, many clubs are transitioning for the next school year as well. New plans for the 2017-18 year as well as elections for new club officers are taking place in many after-school organizations recently. This includes the Unified for Uganda Club (U4U).

“Being president of U4U was an absolute privilege, and I look forward to continuing my efforts with nonprofits that support education,” said Brooke Baker, 12, president of U4U.

Baker has been greatly involved in the club and has even had the opportunity to go to Uganda and see the children U4U was helping. But now she will be handing off the presidency of U4U to junior Makayla Stover.

“I feel as if Makayla will do an outstanding job next year; she is so kind and incredibly capable, and I am so proud to pass her the torch,” Baker said.

The last meeting of the year was Wed., Apr. 19 and was run by Stover. In addition to Stover, new elected officers were juniors Jeremy Pletz and Noa Atkins as sponsorship officers; junior Jennifer Persiani will be treasurer; junior Julia McDowell won publicity representative; and sophomore Molly Ferguson will be in charge of PIT.

A big fundraiser of car washing is planned to take place on May 6 at the Gregory Center parking lot. U4U is arranging advertising and collecting supplies in order to make the fundraiser a success. All money will go to the U4U organization.

“We raise money here so that children in Gulu, Uganda can go to school, receive an education, and break the cycle of poverty,” Baker said.