Varsity B tennis team flies to coaches classic


Linda Stern

Coaches Classic has the one singles play one singles, two singles play two singles, three singles play three singles, one doubles play one doubles, and two doubles play two doubles. This 2017 season, Sycamore B players might play Sycamore A players throughout the draw. Coaches classic is very competitive to all teams who participate.

Throughout the tennis season both Varsity A and B teams play extremely intense matches that can determine the future of the season. At this stage in the season, the better teams in southern Ohio compete against each other.

“Coaches classic is one of my favorite events we get to compete in. It is intense when it is supposed to be, but when we are waiting to go on court it is all fun and games.” said Rishav Dasgupta, 11.

Coaches classic is a tournament played by schools in the southern Ohio area where the first single players play first single players and so on.

The tournament is to determine who is the best player/team in southern Ohio.

This year, the boys Varsity B team is competing against the Varsity A teams. This is a pretty big accomplishment for the B team.

There are two different competitions that take place in coaches classic. There is flight A and flight B. Flight A is for the better schools to compete in, and flight B is for usually for varsity B teams or teams who are not as experienced.

Since both Sycamore teams are in flight A, there are possibilities that a Sycamore A player can play a Sycamore B player at some point in the tournament.

“Playing in flight A is a pretty big accomplishment for us; I am very excited to play the second doubles team on Sycamore’s Varsity A team first round,” said Shaurya Singh, 11.

Sycamore’s Varsity B team will have extreme competition. It will be very difficult to win many matches.

“The last time our B team competed in flight A was in 2015, and they did not do so well. This year, I want to show these other teams that we are better than they are,” said Matt Bolger, 10.