Playing through pain

Varsity softball player gets stitches after strenuous game

On April 8, hours before she had been planning to participate in Relay For Life for the first time, junior and Varsity softball player Jessica Fehr caught the entire team off guard when she had to be taken to the emergency room.

Fehr had been on third base when her teammate hit the ball off to the opposite side of the field, giving Fehr the chance to run home. Unfortunately, as Fehr was running home, she realized that the catcher’s helmet was on top of home base.

“Up until that point I was playing really well, along with the rest of the team. I was already hitting three for four in the game,” Fehr said.

Fehr’s accident did not demoralize the team, however, and they finished the day strong, beating Walnut Hills 13-3. The team had played Walnut Hills earlier in the day, and in their previous game had beaten Walnut 14-7.

“The team still won and mercy ruled the opponent in the second game of the double header,” Fehr said upon hearing about the team’s second win while she was getting stitches.

Fehr returned to the team as soon as possible and was able to participate in the team’s next game against Mason. Unfortunately, the team was unable to hold on to their winning streak and lost their game. However, the day was not a complete loss for Fehr on a personal level.

“The stitches did not really have an effect on my playing, but I did have to wear a shin guard to protect it,” Fehr said, happy that her injury did not prevent her from helping her team.

Fehr’s injury reflects the undaunted disposition of the SHS Varsity softball team, which will continue to fight against any and all odds to achieve their highest goals.

“I think we have a very good chance at ending this season strong and getting a few more wins than we did last year,” Fehr said as the team continued to prepare for approaching matches.