May 2017 Columns: Reflecting on necessity of passes, track season wrap-up


The wave of teachers giving out passes has surprised me. We should have them when we go somewhere, however, I remember longing for the independence of SHS. That dream seems to have more conditions now.

The freedom to be responsible felt like my chance to prove I am ready to be out on my own. Now, a teacher has to give me written permission to go to the bathroom and staff checks that I am allowed to go to my destination.

Also, teachers have to find something to write on and actually write it out: I could already be at my destination by then. This is taking time out of the school day for me and my peers.

I understand the staff is responsible for students and they do not want to be the ones that can say after the fact, “What if we did…” As adults they have the responsibility to ensure our safety. And maybe as students our job is not only to learn history but to learn to make decisions that affect groups. But, does a pass increase our safety?

Yet, there is still the issue that teachers are hassled by passes. I have seen everything from a stapler to a ripped paper with illegible scrawl be a pass. If school goes on lockdown and I try knocking on the closest door with a stapler, do you think I will be let in?

After all, once a door is locked, the teachers are not supposed to open it to look to see if you have a pass. If by chance they do open it what if the student is the dangerous one? They might have a pass.

Teachers are not committed to writing out the time, your name, their signature, and where you are going during class. If they are trying to teach at the time or not it takes time away from them and the other students.

As we are in a safe building and area, no one wants to think there will be an emergency. But if there is one will my stapler pass be enough?


The 2017 track season is almost over. SHS track and field started in March and carried all the way to May. Track met every day after school from 2:40 to about 4:30 p.m.

At SHS, there are several separate track teams. There is boys JV, boys Varsity, girls JV, and girls Varsity. During meets, athletes compete in their own groups, but during practices, each team practices together.

Track has competed in approximately 17 meets in the 2017 season. Of those 17 meets, SHS has hosted three, including The Clash of the Titans and the Golden Baton.

The last meet held at SHS was JV Championships. The boys JV team came in first place in seven running events and high jump. The girls JV team came in first place in the 1600m run and high jump.

All times and information was received from Along with the three races run at SHS, finish timing also has scores for any other meet that happened during the spring track season.

Varsity track teams are still competing at this point and will fight to make it to districts. They recently had two meets in one week for the championships and another two the week after.

Overall, the season was a huge success. This could not have been accomplished without the help from all of the coaches and assistant coaches, including the head coach, Coach Hank Ray.