Students warm up to colder days

Jessica Lu

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Kyra Fales, 12
April 12, 2019

Jessica Lu

LOOK AROUND YOU. One of the key indicators of students responding to the season changing is the difference in footwear. At SHS, many girls own a pair of Uggs and are starting to wear them. Other telling pieces of clothing include heavier jackets, pants, gloves, fuzzy socks, and scarves.

Autumn means more than just cooler temperatures. When the season transforms, a whole new ambiance is created. Adopting different routines, meals, and clothes are just a few examples of how students change with the weather.

The topic of chilly weather usually generates negative responses. In fact, the dreariness of autumn and winter can be linked with depression and sickness.

“I hate cold weather because I’m constantly sniffling. Darker weather also can give me headaches and put me in a bad mood,” said Teddy Weng, 11.

But drifting away from summer’s warmth certainly has its advantages.

“I like sleeping in cold weather. You get out the fluffy blankets and layers, and it’s nice wrapping yourself in them,” Weng said.

Weng’s opinion is not unique. Despite the frigid air and dark days, the upcoming seasons promise a certain warmth.

“I like the vibe of being all cozy inside and watching hallmark movies with friends. I enjoy going to the mall and seeing the happiness from holiday cheer,” said Shayna Kling,11.

With the leaves changing color, the holidays coming, and a plentiful list of fun activities to do, for many students, a change in the season may not be too bad.