YouTuber Logan Paul uploads insensitive video


Tribune News Service

CONTROVERSY. Teens are susceptible to the images, videos, and words linked to their social media sites. YouTuber Logan Paul, pictured above, posted a controversial video that many see as unfit and inappropriate for all viewers. His actions may influence teens to make bad decisions that are ultimately dangerous or insensitive.

Our society likes to suppress and ignore issues until they explode into problems that are simply too hard to turn away from.

While there are many examples of these issues in our current society, there is one in particular that has been recently grabbing headlines and stories nationwide.

As teens become more politically and globally aware, issues in these headlines are becoming increasingly important to pay attention to and prevent.

Young minds are susceptible to the growing social media presence, especially in a culture that preaches the phenomenon of getting famous and rich fast. Big names in particular affect the way teens view themselves, make decisions, and treat others.

Unacceptable behavior among these names should be stopped as soon as it starts- not years into a person’s success and career.

Logan Paul and his cohorts have been making dangerous and senseless decisions in the name of fame and money for too long.

His behavior has gone unchecked for years, and his presence has only grown. Teens and young children alike flock to his social media accounts, his popular YouTube channel having amassed over 15 million subscribers.

His channel is full of pranks, vlogs, and comedy videos that are targeted towards young people. The videos promote dangerous behavior that teens could attempt to remake.

When people like Paul are famous, with views racking up in the millions, teens are under the belief that stupid decisions could get them famous- and maybe even rich.

We have overlooked the content of his videos for too long. It took his widely inappropriate and insensitive video featuring the Aokigahara Forest, also known as the “Suicide Forest,” in Japan, for his popularity to be questioned.

In the video, he can be seen flashing his whitened teeth and designer label jacket. Throughout the video, he states that his intentions were to highlight the haunted nature of the forest and that he did not expect anything else.

However, as he enters the forest, and to his delight, he discovers a body from a suicide victim. He puts on a good act at first, pretending like he is disturbed and emotionally affected.

However, soon after, his smile returns, and his eyes gleam with dollar signs. He laughs and continues to film the body before someone in his party notifies officials.

His apology video is just as insensitive. He made the conscious choice to upload his initial reactions in the forest, a decision that cannot just be chalked up as a simple mistake.

Die hard fans- mostly young and naive teens- flocked to his safety. They defend his actions and restate their love and support for him.

However, many people, including other YouTube content creators, are not satisfied with his attempted “apology.” Some are calling for his channels to be removed.

After constant scrutiny, the YouTube company, owned by Google, removed him from receiving premier ad revenue and from appearing in some of the YouTube Red original content, such as T.V. shows and films.

It is unacceptable to see such graphic and insensitive material pop up in your feed. It is even more damaging to find out that the video gained massive views and support before it was removed.

Teens, and 22-year-old Paul, seem to want to brush aside any negative reactions to the video. No one wants to see it for what it is.

He is to blame. He made a conscious decision to upload his material. If he wants success, money, and fame, he must pay for it- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

But the worst part is, there are other content creators just as bad as him. We need to be more aware of what is put out online and what we are watching. We need to stop what is deemed as inappropriate, before it becomes an issue.

And while Paul lives in his comfortable 6.5 million dollar home, sitting safely away from all of the hate and anger that he apparently did not suspect, we must do everything we can to prevent feeding into the success of another untalented and unintelligent young adult who makes “a mistake.”