Sycamore honors fall all-stars


McDaniel's Photography

TALENT. Sycamore recognizes its all-stars for the fall sports season. SHS is looking forward to all the talent that the fall and winter sports will bring for the 2018 seasons.

  With the 2018 winter season hitting its halfway mark, we look back on all the all-stars of the 2017 fall sports season. Sycamore had nine first team athletes, three second team athletes, and eight Honorable Mentions for the 2017 fall season.

  Girls’ water polo finished off with two first team players. These include seniors Sarah Abraham, field, and Abigail Hausfeld, goalie. Junior Isabel Ingle, field, was named second team, and junior Libby Van Den Brink, field, received an Honorable Mention. On top of all of that, Hausfeld was named the player of the year.

 Boys’ soccer players seniors Michael Samways and Brian Cron were named first team, and senior Justin Reynolds received an Honorable Mention. Girls’ soccer, pulling right along, had senior Mackenzie Kandil on first team and juniors Megan Odoyuye and Maddie Thiss with Honorable Mentions.

 In the golf world, junior Heather Bruck was named second team with senior Becca Thompson and freshman Alejandro Murakami receiving Honorable Mentions.

  On the football team, there are two first team players: seniors Tate Goodyear, OL and Patrick Tueimeh, DB. On second team is senior Kyle Fehr, LB. Senior Jonathan Malek received an Honorable Mention.

  Finishing second in their GMCs, girls’ tennis players junior Helen Sotropa and sophomore Harsitha Kalaiarasan finished first team doubles. Junior Amanda Wilson and senior Madison Ringer finished second team All-Conference in second doubles.

  Last but not least, cross country runner senior Matthew Isakson, received an Honorable Mention.