Colorful Eats cooks up exquisite sweets


Hannah Lee

BAKE. Juniors (left to right) Adam Kossen, Alia Diushebaeva, and Eshika Kohli wait for their brownie to cool after pulling it out of the oven. At the last Colorful Eats meeting, vegan velvet brownies and strawberry cupcakes were made. Brownies were coated with a sprinkle of powdered sugar, and cupcakes were iced with vegan icing.

Most people think brownies or cupcakes are not possible when snacking vegan. However, that is exactly what the all-vegan food club Colorful Eats did at its last meeting.

On Feb. 15 after school, members of the Colorful Eats Club joined in the cooking room to batch up another creative vegan dish. Club president junior Christine Zou had all the ingredients and recipes for velvet brownies and strawberry cupcakes ready.

“Colorful Eats is a very fun club to get to know some healthy and vegan recipes,” said Alia Diushebaeva, 11.

Devoted to being gluten-free and vegan, Zou searches for and tests each recipe before each meeting.

Members usually have to sign up beforehand in order for Zou to know how much to prepare.

Both brownies and cupcakes were made from scratch by groups of two to three. Both recipes took about 25 minutes to finish and were shared by everyone.

“Making red velvet brownies at Colorful Eats was really fun! We experimented a lot, but they turned out really soft. I’ve never made vegan brownies before, but they tasted good!” said Eshika Kohli, 11.

In order for the recipes to be vegan, there would have to be ways around milk and eggs and other ingredients that go against veganism.

“We made red velvet brownies, but instead of eggs we used flaxseed. The taste was just the same!” Diushebaeva said.

The meetings are once every month after school in the cooking room. Because the recipes are vegan and gluten free, they are not only healthy, but anyone can participate without any medical concerns.