8 Creative Volunteer Opportunities


Photo Courtesy of Grace Zhang

VOLUNTEER. As we adapt to our current environment, many traditional volunteer opportunities are unavailable. Whether you’re searching for an activity to occupy your free time or an opportunity to give back in this time of crisis, this list features eight creative volunteer opportunities that you can get involved with right now.

   As we navigate through these uncertain times, many traditional volunteering opportunities have been put on pause; fortunately, there are still an abundance of ways one can contribute back to their communities during this time. 

  1. Sew Masks 4 Cincy
    •    Are you a creative and crafty person? Then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Founded in March 2020, this nonprofit organization aims to create and donate mask covers for Cincinnati local frontline facilities so they are currently in need of volunteer sewists. Even if you are unable to sew, they still have many other ways you can help: check out their website to learn more about these opportunities!
  2. Tutor virtually with TeensGive
    •  As low-income and minority students face educational losses during the pandemic, you can help through Teensgive.org by tutoring these kids online. They offer a wide array of opportunities for individuals in 9th-12th grade to tutor.
  3. Become a mentor at Sycamore High School
  4. Be a digital advocate with the Red Cross
    •    As the Red Cross navigates through this health crisis, they are continually in need of volunteers. Volunteer opportunities range from supporting blood donations and delivering much-needed services to communities. Additionally, if you’re searching for remote (work-from-home) opportunities, they have a multitude available.
  5. Make items for hospice care packages
    •    Hospice of Cincinnati (HOC) has 400+ patients receiving care in their homes but during the pandemic, the residents have become socially isolated. Thus, HOC seeks to deliver a care package to let patients and caregivers know we are thinking about them. They are currently looking for volunteers to make or donate items to put in the care packages. It can be treats, a small gift, or crafted items. Before donating, contact Lori Asmus (Lori_Asmus@trihealth.com) to discuss your ideas of what you would like to donate for the care packages. They are currently accepting items for October and November delivery.
  6. Volunteer for a Political Campaign
    •    If you’re politically active or looking to get more involved in our democracy, consider volunteering for a political campaign! There are an abundance of ways to get involved; as a starting point, consider reaching out to your local representatives to see if they have any opportunities available or checking out https://ysa.org/vote/ for more ideas.
  7. Archive historical documents
    •    Are you a history lover with too much free time? Take advantage of your interest and become a citizen archivist for a non-profit organization. This is especially a great opportunity for anyone searching for purely virtual volunteering opportunities.
  8. Matthew 25
    •    Aiming to bring hope and help to the poor, Mathew 25: Ministries donates goods that are shipped all over the world. To do so, they need the help of volunteers who sort, count and pack items. To get involved, they ask volunteers to pre-schedule by contacting Shelly Clos by email at shelly@m25m.org.


Want some more starting places to look for opportunities? Visit: