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Under-reporting cases

There has recently been an under reporting of cases in China and misreporting of cases in countries all over the world. Reports argued that at least 28,000 more people have died during the coronavirus pandemic over the last month than official COVID-19 death counts report. Numbers have effects on people; governments need to be more transparent.

Emma Chi, Staff Writer

May 4, 2020

   There has been a lot of under reporting and misreporting of the corona virus crisis. Numbers from different sources don’t match up, what actually counts as a case of corona virus is unclear. Reports argue that “at least 28,000 more people have died during the corona virus pandemic over the last ...

SHS seniors in solidarity

SENIOR SOLIDARITY. To come together under difficult circumstances, two seniors, Lindsey Stevens and Kennedy Archer, decided to compile a senior video. Showcasing the bond of the senior class, the video has spread quickly around social media. With so much uncertainty for senior activities, they hope the video will help the senior class come together despite the challenges they have faced.

Aaditi Lele, Staff Writer

April 18, 2020

   One last performance. One last season. One last game. One last competition. One last goodbye. For the class of 2020, all of these “lasts” hang in the balance of a rocky senior year. In light of the circumstances brought on by Covid-19, celebrating an end to their Sycamore journeys has been diff...

Panic buying

PANIC BUYING. Throughout the past month or so, people all around the world have been visiting grocery stores and bought out most supplies related to the prevention of coronavirus such as hand sanitizer or face masks. However, even though toilet paper doesn’t really help us in any way against the coronavirus, both its intrinsic and extrinsic value seemed to jump up. But why? Is it a mentality that you need to take some action when the world is out of control? Or other reasons such as logistics?

Emma Chi, Staff Writer

April 12, 2020

   People all around the world have been panic buying countless items recently, namely canned goods, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper. What has stood out the most, however, is the stockpiling of toilet paper, as we see the toilet paper shelves being emptied in almost every supermarket here in the U...

Pandemic transforms primary elections

 ELECTION SEASON. Just a month ago, voters in more than a dozen states were showing up in thousands to vote in primary elections. But now? Such an election would be unthinkable. Ohio’s primary election has been radically transformed as absentee ballots replace traditional voting and campaigns are forced to adjust.

Aaditi Lele, Staff Writer

April 6, 2020

    Think back about three months ago. The New Year’s Ball was dropping, we were celebrating, and there was so much to look forward to in 2020. The Tokyo Olympics. Leap Year. The elections. It was going to be monumental. Now? Not so much. The coronavirus has upended almost everything that we had a...

Teachers discuss their thoughts on remote learning

REMOTE LEARNING. Pictured above is the work environment of a student who is learning from home. Teachers are learning how to teach in this new situation. English teacher Mrs. Beth LeBlanc said, “Online learning is challenging because face to face discussions and group work is an essential part of a language arts class, and that's tough to replicate with technology.  It's also been a bit challenging because many students and their families have challenging situations at home, and we want to be mindful so we're supporting families and not adding stress.”

Claire Berlier, Staff Writer

March 30, 2020

   Remote learning: this is a new experience for all students. And for all teachers. They have to find a way to teach from home, miles away from their students, unlike the usual, at most, 15 feet. So, how do you accomplish this?    The first thing to consider is the assignment. Social studies teacher Mr. ...

Getting Reliable News During A Pandemic

GETTING RELIABLE NEWS. In times of a pandemic, like the COVID-19, it gets hard to find trustworthy news or even correct information, but worry not. Following these ways to analyze the reliability of a source can prove to be useful.

Bhaavya Jha, Broadcast Editor

March 28, 2020

   The country is on lockdown, everything is in chaos, and everything is confusing, so how can I trust the news I get?     The obvious answer is that you need to make sure that the information you have received is from a reliable source, and not something your friend forwarded you through social med...

Local sewing community pays it forward

SEW FOR GOOD. Amidst the Covid-19 crisis, it may seem like there’s no way to help as we’re stuck at home. However, fashion students from Sycamore as well as sewers from the greater Cincinnati area have joined together in making masks for those in need. Through their joined effort, they’ve been able to provide masks during the shortage to protect the health professionals on the front lines.

Grace Zhang, Associate Web Editor

March 26, 2020

   Growing up, we’ve read about history, learned about history, and now? We’re living through history. As the Coronavirus pandemic spreads, it seems as if we as students can’t do anything to help...well, of course, other than staying at home and practicing social distancing.    But a few S...

Cincinnati vs. COVID-19

SPREADING. Pictured above is one of many COVID-19 particles making their way around the globe, as coronavirus now enters the U.S. For Cincinnati, this means considering altering plans for city-wide events, and for schools, including SHS, this means canceling trips. “...now I understand how they just want us to be safe,” said Sophie Carter, 10, regarding the cancelation of the AP European History trip.

Katie Mott, Staff Writer

March 13, 2020

  Just the name sends chills up the spines of many after seeing the impacts of this virus on China, Iran, Italy, and several other countries. Now the virus, not even visible to the human eye, has made its way to U.S. soil—including Ohio.      According to WLWT, the first three cases of coronavirus we...

Breaking Down the Presidential Primaries

VOTE. On March 17, 2020, the Ohio Democratic Primaries will be held to vote on the Democratic nominee to represent the party in the November presidential elections. The primaries are held in all 50 states across the U.S., and are divided between the two major parties, the Republian primaries and the Democratic primaries. The process is used to allow party members to decide who, out of a broad variety of candidates, will best represent their party as a presidential nominee.

Serene Tarabishi, Staff Writer

March 9, 2020

The presidential primaries.       “What on earth are those?”— has become the common response to any questions or updates related to this confusing process. So let me try to briefly explain.       The presidential primaries are designed to determine which candidate will rep...

Are snowball fights a thing of the past?

Claire Berlier, Staff Writer

March 9, 2020

 Sledding, snowball fights, snow angels—these are just a few of the activities people are not enjoying this year as Cincinnati has had hardly any snow as of January 2020.    In fact, January 2020 was almost marked the lowest snowfall for the month of January on record. However, on Jan. 31, we h...

How Long Will Chemicals Be in our Drinking Water? Apparently Forever.

 PFAS are among other toxins being found nationwide in our tap water, contaminating countless waterways. Currently, Cincinnati is among many other cities who tested positive in a study on PFA pollution, containing 11.2 parts per trillion PFAS within. Studies are still being done on the effects of PFAS pollution.

Serene Tarabishi, Staff Writer

February 13, 2020

   For those keeping up with Cincinnati’s local news, you may have been surprised to see stories headlining “forever chemicals” in our drinking water. These chemicals are described as “forever” because of their inability to break down over time, causing them to clog up bloodstreams and org...

Coronavirus update

VIRUS. A picture of coronavirus particles. The coronavirus has spread to all over the world, but mainly focused in China. This has caused stores to close, bringing negative economic impacts.

Emma Chi, Staff Writer

February 13, 2020

   17 years ago, people thought SARS would be the biggest virus outbreak ever, infecting 8,000 people and killing 774. Doctors never found a cure to SARS, and people never expected another virus outbreak just a decade later. The coronavirus’ numbers have already exceeded that of SARS. According to worl...

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